(being the church in the marketplace)

I am sitting in a Starbuck’s on the west side of Atlanta right now. Orlando is home, but north Georgia will do this weekend while I am cheering on my favorite basketball team on the planet – the Duke University. You know – the only good devil is a blue devil.

Anyway…I have been getting some work done and curiously eavsdropping on the conversations around me at the same time. Interesting stuff. Right here @ this one location of the trailblazers of coffeehouses, I have heard some really ambitious plans to shape culture and change the world.

:: a man and woman were discussing the takeover of the # 1 small business human resources company in the metro area of Atlanta. The buy out – approx. 13,000,000 for the business alone, not to mention the real estate of the offices all over the area. Pretty awesome – the woman started the business 11 years ago. She was very sharp – evidently a quality, considerate, servant leader who focuses on relationship with her employees.

:: 2 college students – one working for a design company and dreaming of owning his own business with the female sitting next to him who was very clearly hitting on him.

:: 2 men discussing the selling of a large piece of Atlanta real estate. God blessings were mentioned – lots of money were mentioned, too.

So many interesting people have been in and out. My heart continues to be burdened for all of these beautiful souls who exist so much of their lives in the marketplaces of North America. The question I have battled with for the last 3 years or so is this – HOW WILL WE BE THE CHURCH TO THESE FOLKS IN THE MARKETPLACE IN THE 21ST CENTURY? Could it be that God is calling us there, calling us to love and serve and live so that those who are asking the spiritual questions in their hearts ask them out loud to us? That was Jesus’ heart. Spend some time in the 4 books of the Bible called the “gospels” (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John). Notice how many encounters Jesus has in the marketplace of His day.
I am curious what you guys think? Our church family has a heart for this and are trying to grow in wisdom on how to live as His church in the marketplace – both through our people simply existing there and through marketplace adventures like “House Blend Cafe” (www.houseblendcafe.com)

wondering and becoming…

2 thoughts on “(being the church in the marketplace)

  1. while you were listening, i might have been the guy behind you watching you sip your white mocha, but then i was in a different part of atlanta at anoher starbucks watch other people :)

  2. i’m with you all the way. i’ve spent a fair amount of my working life in the marketplace and always found myself in love with the people i met there. house blend is an awesome step, bro. keeping walking.

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