a single mom with 2 kids. she promised to be packed up when we got there to help her move. but she wasn’t.

my immediate thought – “dang it.” all i could think about the mtg i might miss for lunch. there was no one else to help her. no family to show up. her landlord came. cool guy. he works at the california grill on top of the contemporary resort. besides him and my 3 friends, she would have been helpless. and all i could think was “dang it” and about my appointment later that day.

we got her packed up in bags and boxes and loaded the truck. it took about 2 hours. it would have been shorter, i thought, if she had packed like she said she would. regardless, we were ready to make the drive across town to her newly rented condo. they were going to let her keep all of their animals (2 dogs, a rabbit, a hamster, and a bird). that made the children happy.

on the drive over, i had a thought. better said – i quit thinking only of myself. after a deep breath, a deep sense of gratitude came over me. not because i was doing anything special, but because my morning was all about giving away something that can’t be measured in boxes moved and furniture strategically placed in a uhaul like a game of tetris. LOVE. it’s bigger than me. it’s bigger than my schedule and appointments and disappoinments of the place not being ready to load up. and she heard it and saw it, and it made her and her children smile. she begged us to come over again soon so she can buy us pizza. i am sure we will oblige.

i was reminded of the most fundamental principle of living again last week the day we moved nancy. we become less than human when we act and think selfishly. i am inhumane more than i want to be. what we were created to be was selfless and loving. it’s the essential of abundant living. thinking of others before we think of ourselves.

i made my appointment by the way. he did not mind that i was late.

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