(a void or a cord?)

i have heard people who say they are religious say that they had this hole in their heart that God filled. that’s interesting. i am not trying to disrespect their experience or invalidate their claim, i am just wondering something. i thought i would wonder out loud (in type of course).

what if God did not make us with a void? what if He actually made us with a cord – an inner wiring that must be plugged into God, must be connected spiritually to my maker? what if that’s what He did, and we actually malfunction if we aren’t plugged in. we actually miss out on life and living the way we were created to live apart from connecting with our creator?

i mean, really – what do most of us spend life doing? going around trying to find out where we fit, where we plug in, where we get charged, where we get our value. when Adam and Eve were banished from the Garden, maybe humanity got banished from connection with our maker and has spent ions immersed in selfishness evidenced by plugging into things that indulge our egos and give us self-worth. Jesus had to come to restore the connection – to the way we were made to live – and give us our purpose and worth and meaning back. He never intended people to plug into a religion, but to plug into Him – their maker. that’s when we can really live, like we’re supposed to.

if you think of it this way, it makes the whole “sin” thing take on a new perspective. sin’s fun and all, but to choose self-absorption means our wiring is malfunctioning. we aren’t living like we were made to live at that point. that’s why that kind of stuff is no good. i mean, seriously, who keeps stuff that is just broken? i am really thankful Jesus does. i am really thankful he restores.

i have a question for any takers – what have you spent some of your life plugging into? just curious.