(planets and other small issues)

was your biology and astronomy world crushed last week when that council of astronomers (who happen to live on a large rock 3rd from the sun with very limited scopes of ability to fully understand the overall makeup of our universe and our galaxy alone for that matter) decided that Pluto was not really a planet? mine was.

Pluto not a planet? what about all those school textbooks that must be trashed now due to misinformation? what about all those young astronomers who had hoped of catching a glimpse of Pluto through their Wal-Mart telescope, even though Venus was only a small, bouncy blur through the less-than-powerful scope of the latest “jason” model? what about all of those dads whose fat fingers struggled to pinhole that tiny fishing line through the small openings in the planetary, glow-in-the-dark mobiles that hang from the ceiling in their son’s bedroom? what about Mickey’s dog? Would Walt had really named him that? What a tragedy that he did not have the counsel of the council!

well, to many people, this is a small issue. i mean, Pluto itself is actually a small issue compared to the other planets. it’s just funny to me, and maybe even a little ironic, how big we think we are. big enough to comment on the status of a planet we’ve never visited, can hardly see, and never did anything to us in the 1st place. did we forget how little our space is on our own planet…the space you’re occupying right now as you read this. we’re little. small issues, even. who are we to comment so dogmatically about something we know so little about.

kind of the same with God. lots of us comment so dogmatically about Him, like the council did about Pluto, when really we know very little. i wonder what He thinks. i wonder if our ramblings make Him chuckle. i wonder if He gets excited about what He might teach us next.

me – still listening. excited to learn…and trying to figure out how i’m going to break the news about Pluto to my son when i take down the glow-in-the-dark version of the tiny planet in his room on his ceiling.

any advice is welcomed.


no two meatloafs are alike. every single person will comment about their taste differently and your mom’s recipe is really only good to you and your Uncle Henry who visited every other Christmas and every 4th Thanksgiving would always say, “Wow, this is the best i’ve ever had.”

milestones are kind of like that.

people consider very many different things milestones. i guess a milestone would be something that makes you, if even only for a moment, step back in awe amazed that you were able to be there and wondering if you’ll ever get to do something like that again.

the first time (and only time) i dunked a basketball would fit that category. the first time i “really” kissed a girl would fit that category (in Cypress Park in New Orleans when i was 12 – by the way, she was 15). when i spoke/taught for the first time to everyone at a worship gathering. when i was handed my high school diploma. when i realized who i was going to marry. when i was handed my college diploma. when i married the girl whom i had realized earlier that i would marry. my honeymoon to Glacier National Park in Montana. my first official game as a high school basketball coach. my honeymoon. when i had a song published. did i mention my honeymoon? the birth of my son. picking up everything and moving to study for my master’s. celebrating 5 years of marriage at St. Louis French restaurant in the French Quarter. when i was handed my master’s diploma. the birth of my daughter. the opening of a new cafe. finding out my 3rd child is on the way.
add one more to the list, and a BIG ONE. my son, who will turn 5 September 20th,caleb's 1st day starting his first official day of any type of school ever. he did that Thursday, August 17th, 2006. it was amazing. i can’t even express the emotions and thoughts i felt. here i am, in my mind only a few years from school myself, watching my son walk into his 1st classroom for the 1st time. and then, i got to be there when we picked him up from school. WOW!!! it was amazing. i can honestly say i have never been prouder of anyone or anything in my life than him on that day when he embarked on one of the most formative and difficult journies of his young life – school.

so many thoughts flooded my mind, imagining things for the next 12 to 20 years, remembering things from the last 4 (almost 5). this precious life that has been entrusted to my wife and me. surrendering him. letting go. enjoying the journey of his growth…and mine.

i realize that this may not be all that interesting to you. caleb is not your first-born. you did not get to see him walk into the classroom. i got that. that’s okay. could you just at least smile in wonder with me, though. it would mean a lot.

if not, fine. get your own milestone. whatever you do, enjoy today a little. each one is kind of a milestone depening on how you look at it. and have some good meatloaf while you’re at it. life’s such a gift, even meatloaf.