(our responsibility to humanity)

you may have recently seen a Liberty Mutual commercial with the branded marketing theme of “responsibility.” unreal commercial. you can check it out by clicking here to see the ad on the website of the firm that created it.

it made an impression not only because it is a solid commercial with a distinctive marketing focus, but also because i have been giving a lot of thought lately to the need for people to simply be responsible for one another – caring for one another and giving ourselves away. i am finding as i walk with people that many of us have not come to understand the values that we are and the value that we can speak into another person’s life.

that’s why what Jesus teaches makes so much sense to me. our culture speaks of love and respect that is earned. Jesus taught love and respect that is given. think about it – what are we saying about our value if we insist on earning love and respect. we are saying people are not valuable enough to be given love and respect from me. what does that say about my own value if i do that?

maybe we should reconsider. maybe the declaration of the cross was that i am worth dying for, and maybe i could express that same declaration in the way i responsibly care for the people i walk with in the daily and the ones i want to too often forget about that i never see.

thanks to Liberty Mutual for challenging us to be responsible. now, let’s do it.

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