(what is prayer?)

Is prayer a spiritual discipline – something you have to remind yourself to do? Is it just bringing your requests to God? What if it was more like breathing? More like having a cell phone always on you with a blue tooth earpiece poised to receive a call, AND ready for you to speak, too?

Paul taught in 1st Thessalonians that we should never stop praying. That has to mean more than talking. Maybe that means listening. A lot of listening. Ever listening and responding to God. A mystical, supernatural connection to the living God leading us and speaking into our daily.

If that’s the case, prayer is not something I stop to take time to do. It is something I never stop doing. I do it ALL the time.

are you ever listening?

2 thoughts on “(what is prayer?)

  1. Have you ever read The practice of the Presence of God by Brother Lawerence? If you have not, after read your post I think it might be something that you would like to read.

  2. jw4man…i have not read it, but i am told by many people that i should. i will try to pick it up. thanks for the recommendation. thankful to be listening together.

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