(a blue plastic cup)

it’s funny how a simple object can often remind you of something so profound.

i meet a lot of people in my home, because my office is there. today was like normal. i typically offer water to the person or persons i am meeting with. today, when i walked into the kitchen to get it, i had a “man, i am really blessed…i am really thankful” moment.

you see, my wife keeps a little basket on the counter supplied with napkins and plastic cups for any guest that comes into our home. it’s a little thing. a simple gesture. but a profound statement about her heart for hospitality. she loves hosting people in our home. and, she has done an incredible job of creating an environment that makes it easy for me to work from home and meet with people in our home.

not to mention that every now and then, this sunshine of a beautiful 2 year old little girl and this 5 year old artist whose masterpieces decorate my french doors in my office – they come and stick their noses on the glass of those french doors just to check on daddy.

pretty cool. very blessed. extremely thankful.

thank you, Jen, for making our home such an awesome and peaceful and welcoming place. thanks for the blue plastic cups.

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