(the bottom line from Jan 21st)

continuing the conversation from this past Sunday’s teaching time, here’ s a basic summary of what we talked about:

Be the church in the daily by listening to God and living in every sphere.

Listening to God involves 2 fundamental elements:

:: PRAYER- praying constantly, ever listening for His voice among the many voices calling for our attention, seeing the stuff of life as interruptions of the ongoing conversation between you and God, interacting with people like He is always a part of the conversation, listening to Him for His promptings to give into the lives around us, listening for His promptings telling us to stop and spend some alone time with Him, listening to His promptings so that we remain unclogged in listening for Him.

:: READING the BIBLE – the living Word, the love story of His pursuit of a relationship with us, the filter that helps us discern which voice among the many is His and which needs to be ignored. Read it to know Him more and to be able to recognize Him as He breaks into the daily all around us. Don’t read it just to know about Him and attempt to systemize Him.

Living in every sphere means LIVING SENT – as a letter from God to your family, to your neighbors, in the marketplace, to the world locally and globally, and on the web.

If we say we follow Jesus, then we must always be listening for Him, faithfully be responding to His promptings, compassionately be loving the people He loves, and freely be giving ourselves away to the people we encounter in our spheres, just like He came to where we were and gave Himself away. We must BE the CHURCH.

Thankful to be in conversation with you guys. Hope this will be an encouragement to you regardless of whether you comment back.

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