(the BOTTOM LINE from Jan 28th)

Hey gang…here’s THE BOTTOM LINE from this past Sunday, the 28th.

We continued in the teaching series “these ARE my church clothes” by focusing on the importance of doing life together. The question was asked – why do we need to do life together? Here’s the 3 reasons that were suggested:

1 – disciple-making cannot happen without it. According to Jesus’ life and ministry, doing life together is both required and is the evidence of making disciples. We have to do life together with one another and with our culture in order to make disciples, and a disciple made is evidenced by his or her love expressed within the context of true connection and community.

2 – we really need each other. We were designed for connection and community. We were made to speak into each other’s lives. We MUST lay aside “false togetherness” (being polite acquaintances with one another) and truly walk together.

3 – our needs are taken care of when we focus on taking care of one another. We can quit asking “what about my needs” when we are focusing on taking care of the needs of one another as we do life together, because our needs will be taken care as God shows His love to us through the people we are doing life with.

We read about an example of doing life together from the early church in Acts 2:42-47. Doug shared about our DLTs which you can find on the website by clicking this link: learn more about DLTs

The final question was asked – will you commit to doing life together? We can’t be faithful to the mission Christ has given us – to living sent and making disciples – without it!

If you have any desire to do so, you can listen to the various messages from this teaching series by clicking here and then clicking on the MP3 player.

Let’s be doing life together, both in VOX and face to face.

One thought on “(the BOTTOM LINE from Jan 28th)

  1. ive tried responding before but it never worked so this 1 is super short. check me out on vox & well shoot back & forth. sorry i couldnt hook u up w/dukie tix my brother:) btw, loved ur piece on 5 yr old theology. wow, cant wait 4 those convos w/my son! thnx, 4 leading the way home boy, ur the man. lets go coach sum kids again lol! 2 the days…cheers, the best r still ahead…

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