(giving ourselves away)

this coming Sunday, we continue our teaching series called “these ARE my church clothes.” i wanted to continue what we are calling Sunday Conversation – an ongoing conversation based around the teachings from Sundays. this weeks focus – GIVING OURSELVES AWAY.

2 questions:

:: does the church exist for preservation or restoration?

:: can you really follow Jesus and not give yourself away?

i would love to hear your thoughts. love you guys.

2 thoughts on “(giving ourselves away)

  1. The church for preservation creates an “us four and no more” metality. Church for restoration brings about a mentality of “it is all about Christ and what he has done”.
    As to the second question – You can but it is a sad existence as a Christian – this would be those angry Christians who complain about everything.
    These are my thoughts. Thanks for the questions.

  2. great thoughts, bro! what hurts my heart so much is that church culture in the States for the most part has turned inward. it’s time for us to be restored as a “who” and lay down plugging people into a “what.”

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