(i can’t wait to draw a picture of Him)

my son is a very profound theologian. understand, now, that i think what makes a theologian profound may be different. it is not the ability to understand systems that explain the totality of God or earned degrees that demonstrate higher learning or the articulation of complex statements that wow a crowd. i think what makes a theologian profound is when their understanding of God and ability to share their thoughts about God go way beyond intellect into the realm of intimate interaction and practical response.

in other words, a theologian is profound when they know that God exists and that He exists within their everyday. i think the author of Hebrews said something like that. my son did, too.

2 stories.

caleb loves to draw. he’s great at it. his art gallery is in my office on the french doors. pretty awesome stuff, maybe even Louvre quality (of course i am not biased). one day while talking with my wife about art and about Jesus, who happens to be a miraculously gifted artist (Jesus that is), caleb wondered about one day being able to see Jesus face to face. he wondered about what He looks like and all. finally, he says to my wife about Jesus, “i can’t wait to see Him. i can’t wait to draw a picture of Him.”

WOW. now that’s an awesome statement about eschatology and soteriology and epistomology and alotofhotairology. more than anything, it is a very profound statement about hope.

2nd story – caleb will undergo surgery this next week to reconstruct his left ureter and make sure his left kidney is still doing okay. he was recently diagnosed with a blockage in his left ureter that has to be surgically corrected. as my wife and i have talked with caleb about it, he has taken it well and is being a brave little boy. he is certainly nervous about it, though. and scared.

while he and i were driving somewhere together the other day, we were listening to a matt redman song called “oh no, you never let go.” itunes it. great song. anyway, he asks me, “daddy, can you play me this song in the hospital?”

WOW. after i cleared my eyes of a few subtle tears, i looked in the rearview mirror and told him we could for sure. he thought that would be good. what a profound statement about hope and faith and overcoming. pretty cool how wisdom and deeper connection is given to those with faith like a child.

that’s my boy…a profound theologian. :o)
i hope he will always be a vibrant one who listens to God instead of just talks about Him. sometimes thelogians who do that can get really boring.