katey’s dance recital

For a guy who grew up in a guy’s house, who has been blessed with one son and 2 daughters, who has loved as well as had a major learning curve having those 2 daughters (and maybe 3 – don’t know yet on the baby that is due in December), the dance stuff has been both an adventure and an adjustment. Don’t get me wrong, I dig dancing. I actually used to do a good bit of break-dancing in my day back in New Orleans (some of you are laughing right now trying to picture that I am sure, but I could do a mean wave and spin and worm). So, I think the dance stuff is cool. Now I am getting used to it for little girls. More than getting used to it. Getting into it. Loving seeing my little Katey do her thing, and Abby act like she wishes she was out there.

Katey started in dance last summer as an almost 3 year old. She ended this year’s season with a recital today. It was amazing. I will admit, there were times when I wasn’t quite sure whether to cheer or clap or keep quiet. There were a few times I wanted to stand and chant and cheer, like the days of middle school when I sat with the “Bleacher Creatures” and cheered on my brother playing high school basketball. I decided that a sudden “in de face!!!” would not be appropriate, even though my little girl was executing those dance moves like the winner of Dancing with the Stars (at least the runner up :o)

For real, though, Katey did great. We got to enjoy the whole thing with Mommy, Caleb, Abby, Pop, Ammaw, Nana, Papa, and some friends, along with a whole lot of other families of aspiring little dancers. Only one thing was a bit weird – there was one section of the recital where 5 moms must have been in a class, too, and they did a rather provocative number. I concluded that must be like dads in sports trying to get back to the days of glory when they made the 7th grade team and hit a free throw with 2 seconds left to finish a game (they were in because their team was up 25, but that doesn’t matter). So, these moms – maybe doing that days of glory thing, or maybe just wanting some exercise. It’s all good. 

Enough of me rambling. Click here to check out this little movie we put together. Katey is typically on the left in a bright, neon pink costume when her class is dancing. Enjoy.

We sure did. I am a proud daddy tonight, in a way that I never anticipated being. My little girl scored 30 and dished out 10 assists, so to speak, in her 1st dance recital. She was awesome!!!

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