a very special day

It’s safe to say that all days are special when you have kids. Special doesn’t mean easy, just special, even when it’s tough. Then there are some days that are simply very special. Today was one of those days.

It started by getting to wake up with my son and just chill on the couch for a bit. Then, I got ready to go to a men’s breakfast/brunch with some guys from our church family. One of our most faithful babysitters came over to hang with the kids (Jen is up spending the weekend with her best friend from college). The brunch was at the Curnan’s house. Very special. They live on Lake Butler. We hung out in their lovely home for some grub Then, we hopped out onto the lake for a boat ride and some time to chat together. I totally enjoyed the time. I am always encouraged when I do life with the other guys in our church family.

Next, I got home and played play-dough with the kids. 

Caleb was a huge cleaner upper, and PB and honey with cheetos followed. After lunch, Abby took a nap, and the other 2 and I rested on the couch. 

In the early afternoon, Katey and I left Caleb and Abby with Sam for the evening (Caleb was excited). Katey had asked me the night before for some “you and me time” as she calls it. She asked me as I was tucking her in if I could work it out for today. I guess I did :o), cause she was pretty excited about going to a beach wedding with me. I was asked to do this ceremony over in Sarasota for a new couple in our church family. They wanted it on the beach at sunrise.

2 hour drive later and some Chick-fil-A, we arrived. It was pouring down rain. I text messaged the bride and groom wondering what plan b was. It was a small wedding with just friends and family, so very informal and very flexible. They decided to move it indoors to the place where they were having the reception. I told them we’d be right there. Before backing out of our beachside parking spot, Katey asked if she and I could walk down to the water together. This surprised me, because she does not like to get wet. It was still raining. She would get wet I said. She said she didn’t care. She said she wanted to walk down to the water with her daddy. This is the secret password that gets Katey anything she wants (with my daddy). I obliged, thinking “what the heck. it’s only rain.”

(click here for some photos)

We got out and it was very special. We made footprints together. Put our feet in the waves. Took some pics. Found some seashells. Threw some seashells. It started to move from a sprinkle to a steady rain again, so we mozied back to the car. I was buckling Katey in as the rain began to pour down again. She smiles at me. “Where are we going now, Daddy?” 

We headed to the restaurant called Turtles there just down the road. Reception was to be in their upper banquet room that overlooks the inlet bay. Wedding was supposed to be on the beach, but would now be held in that same room. Or so we thought. The bride changed her mind and decided to wait for a break in the weather. That’s all good, cause brides sort of get what they want on their wedding day whether they say “with my daddy” or not. It could be that they’ve said it enough they earn points for their wedding day. I will let you know after my daughters turn 35 and they are allowed to marry.

Anyway, so we waited. The break came. We had about 25 minutes or so the assumption was made, both til dark and til the next rain. Both were right. It was short and sweet. I will mail off the marriage license Monday.

The bride’s brother took a great pic of Katey and me with the sunset in the background, peaking through the coming storm clouds. He was supposed to email it to me from his phone right there so I could include it right here to the right of this paragraph in my blog tonight. You will have to imagine it :o)

Again, very special. Katey loved it. She drew in the sand during the ceremony. She only interrupted once telling me she had to tell me something. I quietly told her I was almost done. She insisted. The bride and groom thought it was cute, sincerely I believe. I bent down, and she told me she had drawn a and b and c in the sand. I asked her if she could draw d and the rest of the letters. She thought that was a good idea and the ceremony continued. I told you it was informal. 

Some coffee and ice cream on the way home, and we were back on the interstate for what turned out to be a much shorter drive than I expected. Katey is upstairs asleep now. Sam’s back home. I am getting sleepy. I miss my wife.

Like I said_what a very special day. Family. Friends. Kids. Love. Marriage. Daddy-daughter time. Caleb loved the time with Sam. All of it together sounds like a good country and western song, especially if my mom had gone with us to the wedding and we had picked up my dad from prison on the way.

That would have made it very, very special, though. So I actually am glad it didn’t happen since I titled this post “a very special day.” And it was. Hope yours is special, too.

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