it was a great 4th of july

we celebrated the 4th with a lot of very special people today. some of them were our church family and some of them were neighbors and some of them were new friends. both the prep for the party (thanks to my amazing wife and to one of my great friends, Dan, and to my parents) and the party itself went off pretty much without a hitch. it was an awesome team effort with regard to the food, and man was it all yummy. we had two grills going and an eclectic selection of sides and desserts and drinks. someone even brought some IBC Cream Soda. i really like IBC Cream Soda. my wife made some texas crunch, and my mom made some mississippi mud pie. i really, really like texas crunch and mississippi mud pie. you should try it some time. it will change your life.

anyway, i learned something today, too, from a good Scottish friend who lives here in Orlando 15 weeks out of the year and does life with our church family. he and his family were very excited about actually celebrating the 4th of July with us Americans. he told me that this holiday is the result of the biggest economic blunder in history. all we wanted were a few votes in parliament and some freedom to go with it. the british king and his advisors didn’t have the foresight and vision to see the potential of the investment of this great land or the willingness for the people to fight for it. and, he told me that 4 of the signers of the Declaration were Scottish. the document was modeled after a similar declaration made by the Scots in the 1300s. pretty cool. i dig history. and i really dig my Scottish friends.

furthermore, the day was a great learning experience. my wife and i do really well when we work together. but, when i get focused on a plan and don’t communicate well, things can be tough. even so, the execution of today went well. i guess we recovered well. she’s a pretty special gal.

probably the coolest part of the whole day was getting to watch all the kids interact. there were a boatload of kids here. all of them had so much fun. the playground. basketball. riding bikes. racing little cars. dressing up. eating yummy food. eating yummier dessert. playing with sparklers (poor Katey got a little burned by one – she’s okay, though. mommy nurse to the rescue). going swimming. and heading over to watch the Disney fireworks from afar by the lake near our house that has a killer view of the Mouse’s captivating display.

maybe you can come over next year. so long for now. happy 4th of July!!!

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