a summer of first times


When you have young kids, there are a lot of “first times.” This summer, however, was extraordinarily full of them. What a blessing they all were. Below are some of them. From me and Jen to the kids to my Dad even, it has been a great summer.

Jen and I experiencied a first – celebrating 10 years together. We did this on the Gulf Coast in the FL panhandle with the family and friends of Rick and Cosette (a couple whose wedding ceremony I led who is a part of the Westpoint Church family). We also did this alone – Jen’s sister kept the kids. And, we did this to retreat for the sake of advancing in our marriage.

What’s going on at home is not a first. Tropical Storm Fay exposed some flaws in the western wall of our home as water leaked under the baseboards again like it did during the three storms of 2004. We came home from our get-away to begin to deal with it. More importantly, we got to come home refocused on pouring into and growing with our kids. Also, we got to come home refreshed to continue to live sent with the wonderful people of the Westpoint Church family. 

Please pray. Pray for our family when you think of it. For strength and protection. Also, please pray for wisdom and direction for Westpoint. There is an awesome future ahead with Westpoint in that community as people keep on being the church there. There are also growing pains in various elements of what we are doing in which we are committed to listen to the Lord and through which we are excited to follow Him as He leads us into the next steps of this amazing and sobering journey.

May the firsts keep coming. 

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