a new direction

I took the 2nd step in a new direction this morning…health-wise that is. I worked out, like for real. Yesterday morning I did my health and strength assessment at the local YMCA our family is a part of. A very kind trainer compassionately told me that I had good upper body strength, really bad mid-body strength, and good leg strength. She added that my flexibility left something to be desired. I knew that already since I can’t even touch my toes without bending my legs to about an 87 degree angle. I am 33 and probably feel like I am 50 (no offense to those who are 50 out there :o). That’s got to change. Better eating. Less sugar. Actually exercise (5 out of 5 doctors recommend it). And more sleep, too. 

I am writing this post for two reasons. First, so that I can add to my accountability partner list. My wife is my primary accountability partner in this. She is amazing, encouraging and informing me about all of this. Growing up in New Orleans, eating was recreation and exercise was what you did at Mardi Gras parades. She’s been helping me learn different over the last 10 years of marriage. I would like to see it be 50, so I think I had better do my part. You never know when you are going to go, but at least I can be doing what I can to be healthier. I need your help, too. So please hold me accountable. Ask me – have you worked out? When’s the last time you had a white mocha? That kind of stuff.

Second, I wanted to ask you to pray for me. I need some focus and motivation to do this workout stuff. Never really liked it. Did it in high school some for sports. Like I said, never really liked the workout part of it. So, please pray for me to not only learn from this new direction, but to love the people Jen and I connect with at the Y while I continue on this new direction.

By the way – just saw one of my good friends who embarks on a new direction starting today. A change of jobs and change of focus. He is going after a God-given dream – to help the church to be released again in North America (ReleasingChurches.com). Pray for Doug, please, when you think of him. Pray for his family, for provision, for courage, and for open doors to consult and challenge local churches to remember their reason for being and be released to do it. I love that guy, Doug.

For me, Thursday. The big day. Gotta get up and workout. Can’t wait. Especially since I am even hurting just typing this. You know you’re out of shape if after your 2nd workout (in a long time) you get in the shower and can’t really reach the back of your neck to watch it your arms are so locked up. 

Arnold Schwarzeneggar here I come. Well, I don’t even think I spelled that right, much less will become Mr. Universe. That’s not the new direction, though. Being around to be in my wife and kids universe 40 years from now…that would be cool.

Where’s the ibuprofen?

3 thoughts on “a new direction

  1. Peace be with you!
    Let me add my encouragement.
    I’m on an exercise / workout discipline myself. But I never knew it would be this difficult to drop the excess weight. I’ve always heard my older friends tell me that the older you get the harder it is to lose weight, but of course, I thought I’d be the exception to the rule. I guess I didn’t realize how ‘out of shape’ my body was. (Yes, ’round’ is a shape, but not one that is the one I need.)

    I also never knew how important it is to have a coach, a trainer. But if I didn’t have one, I’d probably have given up and settled for ’round.’

    I even picked up a ‘Body for Life’ book.

    I can’t help but relate this to my spiritual ‘shape’ either. Sure, I can pray, read the Word, preach, share my faith and witness. But I’ve recognized how ’round’ I am / was spiritually as well. I am becoming all too aware of my need for a ‘spiritual director,’ a ‘trainer,’ and people to be accountable to. The bottom line is that I need help to get in shape spiritually just as I am needing help to get in shape physically.

    I keep reminding myself of the mustard seed principle. I know that every step I take, especially when I don’t feel like it, is building muscles and converting flab to fit – both spiritually and physically.

    Peace be with you and major kudos for taking the action.

    Father Wade+
    Lakeland, FL

  2. YOU CAN DO IT!!!!! No pain no gain. You will be buff svelt and streamlined. I will be proud of you know it and white mochas on me next time im in fl. peace. KH. erik.

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