live sent_the intro video

We are taking five weeks on Sunday mornings as a church family to reemphasize “living sent” and to unpack it even more than we have before. Three goals in doing this:

_to continue to stress this as what Jesus intended for His church

_to further equip followers of Jesus to live sent daily (loving people like Jesus loves us and simply being a letter that reads of His hope and purpose and life)

_and to continue to network and resource the stories and thoughts that our church family and church network have shared on the subject for over four years now.

I pray that our efforts to share as much as we can about the philosophy and stories of “live sent” will both be an encouragement to people as to what the real mission of the church is and a challenge to those who are trying to preserve the entity of church rather than actually be the church in the daily.

Hope this intro video is an encouragement to you…

3 thoughts on “live sent_the intro video

  1. Second time I have watched the video today. I am impacted by the fact that we are the message, we are the letter sent. Love letters from the Father to the culture He loves.


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