We’re on the 2nd day of BLOSSOM 08. Awesome togetherness happening. Awesome conversations. Awesome thinking and inspiration happening. Thankful to be a part. 

Here’s a blog from last year entitled “what is blossom” in case you are interested and want to enter the conversation.

Neil Cole shared last night about what it means to lead people organically, to develop leaders organically, and to release leaders to lead organically. He said, “we must lower the bar of leadership in the church and raise the bar of being a disciple.” Then, we will see disciples developped, which is necessary for leaders to emerge and for the church to blossom. Neil is passionate about seeing disciples made and churches blossom because of it, rather than “churches” planted in hopes of disciples being made.

Alex McManus is teaching this morning. He began with the statement, “Jesus did not come to teach Christianity. He came to make the world human again.” It is sad that people hear Alex say this and immediately think he is universalist or something. I am thankful to be friends with him, and I know that not to be true.

God actually made us as humans, in His image, and even after the fall in Genesis 5 still called His creation good. Before humanity chose self over Him, He had already made a plan to put on human skin, and in the fullness of time and in the midst of a tense religious and political climate He came and walked among us and died to restore us to being human – like He originally made us to be. Think about it – does not keeping the 10 commandments make you just a sinner, or is not keeping the 10 commandments, which the Scriptures call transgression, actually being inhumane? If you murder someone, that would be a fair statement. If you worship someone besides the Creator, do you think of it that way? Inhumane to not worship the One who made you? If inhumane means not what I was made to be as a human, then yes. If sinner means inhumane, then so we are, and Christ died for us even while we were still sinners. Even while we were inhumane. Lots to ponder. 

Alex’s heart in sharing this stuff is to challenge so-called “Christians” to actually walk among humanity like Jesus did and love people and be human and allow humanity to happen. Here’s a book he has coming out on it in January.

BLOSSOM 08 in Orlando, sponsored by, is a conversation about planting and watering the love of Jesus into lives and watching God grow His church. The goal – to unite together to give ourselves away and release the church (every follower) to live sent daily. It has been awesome to work with the team that created BLOSSOM 07 and 08, and to see leaders here passionate about being followers who lead others to live sent, who release followers to give themselves away together. The church 168.

If you’re curious, please check out last year’s BLOSSOM videos here. And, come hang with us as we keep doing life together through our monthly and online Reproducing Churches gatherings.

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