a francis chan article

This recent article from Francis Chan through the Catalyst enewsletter is solid. Really expresses the essence of “living sent.” Worth the read. Worth the consideration. Here’s an excerpt:

Is there any logic in believing that God started His Church as a Spirit-filled, loving body with the intention that it would evolve into entertaining, hour-long services? Was he hoping that one day people would be attracted to the Church not because they care for one another, not because they are devoted to Him, not because the supernatural occurs in their midst, but because of good music and entertainment?

Try to imagine what conclusions you would come to if you had no prior church experience. The things in church services might make sense to the American church-attendee, but they don’t make sense biblically.

You can read the rest of it by clicking here.

2 thoughts on “a francis chan article

  1. ok so this article was so great for Matt and I to read… it is different being in a big southern baptist church for us compared to Westpoint… we feel good about being here in Albany and that God has definitely sent us here… Sunday morning after church Matt and I were talking about what we thought God designed gatherings to look like with fellow Christians and non believers….. this was such a good needed read!

    miss you and jen and westpoint see y’all soon!

    • Miss yall, too, Natalie. Had a great lunch with your dad the other day. Also, the Fireproof events for us were awesome! Gave out 248 copies of the Love Dare. Lots of folks gathered and engaged and were impacted. Erin Bethea (sp?) came to the Tuesday night event, and I interviewed her afterward. She was great! Thankful for http://www.theChurchofWestOrange.com and what God is doing here. Thankful for what he is doing there.

      Glad that article meant a lot to you guys. I hear basketball is going well, too. Let us know.

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