an interesting article on current marketplace issues

A friend of mine sent me this article from the Financial Times by  Richard Layard. Great perspective. My friend’s comment was:

I thought this missed the punchline about doing life together and who the best role model was, but good piece from the Financial Times.

Click here to read “Now Is the Time for a Less Selfish Capitalism”

Let me know your thoughts. What do you think would really stimulate the economy right now???

4 thoughts on “an interesting article on current marketplace issues

  1. The church would take the world and become co-heirs with it, that it would work its damnedest call the world it’s friend and to become on a first-name basis with it.

    It’s like in grade school when you realize that lots of variations of numbers can make the number at, but the easiest is 4+4, because they are both the same However 5+3 and 6+2 and 7+1 all do as well. right now we are serving the world and interacting with our culture like 6+2. Sometimes its the 6 and sometimes we are the 6. The Western Church seeks to serve people that are over-served and over-catered to, rather than those that truly need it. Rather than giving half of itself to create equal wholeness.

    I’m going to bed, I wrote this twice because I lost my internet connection and had to retype everything and left out lots on the second time over. It’s never the same the second time.

  2. A friend of mine once laughed at the moniker “Christian radio.” He explained his laughter…radio doesn’t have a soul, so how can it be Christian? I thought my friend made an excellent point.

    Turning to this article, I believe the author sets out toward a good destination, but takes the wrong path to get there. Capitalism is an economic system. There is no “generous capitalism,” nor is there any “selfish capitalism.” An economic system does not have a soul.

    It always comes back to people. The cry should be for people to live less for self and more for others. To try and manipulate one economic system against another, with the hope of achieving philanthropic results is a waste of time. Mechanisms don’t love. Mechanisms don’t care. Mechanisms don’t give. People do.

  3. While I am still processing the article and what I think about it, I thought it had a lot of truth in it. Economic growth does not equal happiness.

    However, it seemed like the article hinted that being “individual” was a negative thing. I believe that it is important to be “individual”. I also like the free market system. I think it is the responsibility of each person to be a selfless person. This kind of character comes from having Jesus Christ in your heart. I don’t believe the economic system has anything to do with what is in the heart.

    I also thought the article was written to prepare the hearts of our nation for socialism by demonizing capitalism.

    What I think will truly stimulate the economy? At this point, I don’t think the economy can be stimulated any further. It is already overstimulated. In my opinion, we need some painful cutting back by government, and individuals alike before we can move forward with stability.

    I am thinking about so much more and will probably re-visit the article as it was thought provoking.

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