my mom and dad

Wow – first I have to write to tell all of you that Erik and I and our wives and kids are so blessed and so overwhelmed by the love you all have poured out to us and our mom and dad since Saturday night. Too many to mention, so please let this suffice as at least a first of hopefully many thank you’s that will come. Secondly, we have been so touched by the number of people who have responded to this tragic situation with our parents and have been praying in their local communities for mom and dad and our family. We so appreciate it and love you all so much. 

This has been hard. Just being honest. I have even been thinking a lot in the last year about how Jen and I and Erik and Erin are entering a season of life where walking with our parents toward death is a reality. This situation has brought it into full attention. That is ok, because death is inevitable, at least from these mortal bodies. The sorrow that causes for all of humanity angers me, a bit like Jesus was angered by it in John 11, because the havoc wreaked from what happened in the Garden continues to wreak havoc in the lives of the people God loves so much all over the world. Oh for the day when restoration is ultimately completed. Nonetheless, this has been hard. 

It’s been hard simply processing that mom and dad were run over by an SUV. It kills me inside to think of the horror and hurt of that moment. The driver did stop. He is very disturbed. Please pray for him, too.

It’s been hard looking at a woman who was once a stunning beauty and who at 68 looked 45 now be reduced to a mostly shaved head and a large piece of her skull missing to relieve the pressure from the swelling of her brain. It’s been hard speaking to and singing to Mom and not hearing her beautiful voice or feeling her love pats that she became famous for among the people who know her well. It’s been hard watching dad hurt so much from multiple fractures and hurt when he breathes. It’s been hard. 

It’s been hard talking on the phone to Jen and the kids back in Orlando and Katey asking me to ask Ammaw if she can come over soon to watch Tom and Jerry. It’s been hard hearing Abby ask for her “Big Bird” (what she calls Pop right now – she loves to pretend) and for her Ammaw to come over to play. It’s been hard knowing that Caleb knows what’s going on, and Katey somewhat, and the thought of them not interacting with Mom the same way again. It’s been hard knowing all those boys of Erik’s who have been eagerly looking forward to Pop and Ammaw’s visit that would have happened next this Friday (April 10th) will be disappointed. 

It’s been hard thinking about the stuggle Dad will have to walk again. It’s been hard thinking about whether Mom will even wake up again. It’s been hard.

But it’s been good. 

It’s been good being with friends and family. It’s been good watching the church be the church in so many places – praying, responding, caring, believing. Being a community of people who deeply love each other the way we were intended to love each other.

It’s been good hearing the stories from people whom Mom and Dad have touched and loved and impacted. So many. I told Erik last night, “We swim in the large ocean of Mom and Dad’s faithfulness and love and credibility that has given refreshing water to so many.”

It’s been good knowing that, barring some complication with Dad, that he and I will enjoy a coffee and conversation together again at House Blend Cafe or the Starbuck’s at the Winter Garden Village. 

It’s been good, the support Erik and I both have gotten from those we work with, giving us the freedom to be with Mom and Dad, providing resources to help make it happen. 

It’s been good knowing that, because of that support, I will have so much intense time with my dad and mom helping them recover. 

Thank you for your cards and texts and voice mails and facebook messages and twitters and hugs and support. It’s been good. 

Please pray for Mom to respond in some fashion that demonstrates interaction and isn’t just potentially a motor-sensory reflex. The next two days are crucial. Wednesday night will have been 96 hours since the accident, and the neuro-surgeon said that will be a bit of a landmark time. 

Please pray for Dad to be able to be comforted in his pain. Pray for his surgery tomorrow to fix his left arm – broken in 3 places. He is left-handed, so it will be a long road on that one. Both legs had rods placed in from knee to ankle yesterday afternoon. He won’t be able to walk on it for a month, they said. He has to wear a neck collar for 5 to 6 weeks. They said the fracture in his neck should heal in that time. Several broken ribs punctured his lung, making it hard to breathe. Pray for that to heal well, too. And a long road of rehab. 

By the way – please pray for my friend, Kris DenBesten. His 9 year old daughter still is waiting for a heart transplant. He sent a text of prayer and support. That meant so much, consideringall he is walking through. 

Thanks again to all of you. We love you. I will try to update again soon.

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