an update on mom and dad april 10th

A local news station, WWL, and a very kind reporter who found out about Mom and Pop’s accident from a friend, covered Mom and Pop’s story today. It was a featured story – 2nd in the lineup at 9pm and 10pm. 

Thank you, Susan Edwards, for your compassionate heart and your sincere concern for our family. We appreciate the story highlighting the love of Mom and Dad shared all these years and the amazing outpouring of love toward them since the accident. 

Here’s the link:

Just wanted to share it with yall.


Here’s an update from today:

Today was a busy day with Pop and more of the same with Mom.

Early this morning, they transitioned Pop out of the ICU. They moved him to his own room. There they will continue to help his bones heal, manage his pain, and begin rehab. His rehab will consist for several weeks of simple things – moving his legs and arms in his bed, transfering him out of bed (by carrying him – he can’t put weight on his legs yet) to sit in a comfortablechair, and watching the news while displaying his stellar sense of humor to the nurses and visitors. 

Still no word on when they will repair his wrist. Erik and I saw his arm and legs without bandages and splints today, while they were changing his dressings. WOW. Lots of road rash. Lots of bruising. Pretty rough stuff. The doctor said it all seems to be healing well.

Pop complained of his head and neck more today. Not worried yet, but definitely gonna keep an eye on it. He does have the fracture in his neck they said would heal. He also had a minor head injury with some bleeding, which they said resolved. 

Mom is still in a deep coma. She continued to make baby steps common for head injury patients – like basic reflexes to discomfort. She cringes prettily heavily and moves around a bit when they are suctioning her and cleaning her teeth and mouth. The response subsides completely afterward. She is still not interacting with us in a noticable way. 

We were encouraged by the rehab doctor. He said their team would work hard to get Mom and Pop in the same rehab facility. We hope that will be the case. 

We continue to be so blessed by the prayers, the visitors, the food delivered to the hospital and to where we are staying, and more. Thank you all so very much – in New Orleans, in Booneville, in Orlando, and in so many other places. It is so clear that they have loved on so many folks. We are so thankful.

Jen walked through all the comments on the Caring Bridge site the other night and counted at least 30 states and 5 countries represented among the comments. SO AMAZING!!!

We love you all. Please keep praying for Mom and Pop. Please keep praying for for Mom to show some kind of interaction – any kind. Please pray for Pop to rest and heal and be patient in this very long recovery process. Please pray for Erin and Jen and the kids as they continue to hold down the fort at our respective homes. We have been video chatting with them some. We miss them. Thanks to all who have loved on them and played with them there. 

One of the ladies in the waiting room who is with a family we have connected with there keeps grabbing me by the shoulders, giving me a hug, and telling me this – “God can. God will. God must.”

We hope and believe He will. Thanks for your support in this difficult time. You all have blessed us richly.

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