update on mom and dad, april 11th

Erik and I are in Pop’s room with him right now. He is eating strawberry jello and acting more and more like himself. We went to McAllister’s Deli and got him a yummy baked potato. He ate about a 1/3 of it. He was thankful for non-hospital food, which is funny cause he’s only been able to actually eat it for two days now. I imagine we’ll be grabbing take-out for a while to come.

Those of you who know Pop know that he is pretty picky about food and very selective of the great food he normally eats. How can he help it having been in New Orleans for so long. His favorite restaurant is here, and Erik and I intend to take him to Drago’s as soon as he is able to do something like that – probably will be a long time before he could get in and out of a car. 

Honestly, he is simply thankful to be alive and look in our eyes and see visitors and hear of the love from all of you. He is moved to tears when we tell him how many visits there are on this site. He wells up when we tell him of the comments that you all have left. Thank you so much.

Dad is doing pretty well today. He’s not a pain in the neck at all, but his neck has caused him some pain today. His arm, too. He’s been very himself, with occasional ins and outs from the pain meds. He has definitely not lost his sense of humor. He has definitely not lost his sense of listening to God, either. He told me a moment ago – “I just simply sense the Lord whispering, ‘Peace.’ And I trust Him.”

He said to Erik and me today, “It is really amazing what people have done to show us how much they love us.” And it has. Erik and I can’t thank you enough. 

He is moved every time he talks about or thinks about Mom. He desperately wants to see her. I look forward to that time with both anticipation and pain. I know he will struggle seeing her. I know also how deeply he loves her and how much it will mean to him.

Jen and I were beginning to talk the other day about how we will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. Their 49th wedding anniversary is next Thursday. It would be awesome if they could at least see each other that day. Erik and Erin will be married 10 years the next day – April 17th. Then Mom’s sister and her husband have been married over 55 years I believe on the 18th. Not sure of the exact number. 

All this to say – pray for Dad to continue to get rest as he prepares for intensive rehab. Our friend, Don Richard, prayed today something very meaningful for Pop – “Lord, give Jimmy the grace to receive ministry.” Very important, because Dad is one of those sheep that Jesus describes in Matthew 25 who has not kept score of his good. He has simply given love as freely as it has been given to him without notice or reward. Erik and I have been blessed to witness it.

Mom is pretty much the same. Let’s continue to pray for her to “come alive again” tomorrow in some way. 

We love yall so much. Very sincerely – your outpouring of love on Mom and Dad and Erik and Erin and their kids and Jen and our kids and me has meant so very much.

We’ll update again tomorrow. Have a HAPPY EASTER!!!

7 thoughts on “update on mom and dad, april 11th

  1. Jason, I’ve signed in on the guestbook a couple of times, but there’s so many responses you may not have seen it. Would you do two things for me, please?

    First, would you make sure your dad knows how intensely Bob and I are praying for him and for Retia? It’s important to me that he know how fervently we are praying and keeping up with his news on Caring Bridge.

    Second, I would like to drive to New Orleans in the next week or so to see him. I know ya’ll haven’t needed someone else coming through yet. Would you please let me know when that would be appropriate?

    I wrote on the guestbook that I’ve always felt like an adopted daughter to your folks. I am praying with the fervancy of a daughter!!


  2. I just got back from the Garden Tomb where we celebrated God’s incredible gifts of life. I spent some time in prayer there for healing for my friends.
    Love, blessings and Shalom from Jerusalem,
    Tom Brimmer

  3. Jason, Bob and I are continuing to pray for you and Erik, your families, and Jimmy and Retia. Would you please do two things for me?

    First, would you let your dad know that Bob and I are praying fervently? I’ve put a couple of notes on the guestbook at Caring Bridge but wasn’t sure ya’ll would see them. I’ve always felt like an adopted daughter with your parents and I want them to know how much I care right now.

    Second, I would like to drive down to see Jimmy in the next week of so. Would you please let me know when that might be appropriate? With all ya’ll have had to handle, I don’t want to get in the way.

    Thanks for your help.


  4. Dear Jason,
    My husband and I knew your dad when we were in seminary in 1982-1985. My husband’s brother had classes under your dad. He was in the ADiv program. We’ve just started Facebooking and are in touch with an old friend who teaches at the Jackson extension of NOBTS. That’s how we found out about your mom and dad’s accident. Grady and I are missionaries in Argentina. We just wanted to let you know how sorry we are that you are all having to go through this tragedy. I know this will be a long, tiring process, so we’ll be praying for you all that God will give you strength to care for your mom and dad and a special grace for your wives as they hold down the fort at home. I don’t know if your dad will remember us, but please let him know that Grady and Claire Milstead are in Argentina praying for you all.

    With much love and concern,

    Claire and Grady Milstead

  5. Jason, I’m in Pasadena thinking about what led me to this point in my life, and my story is incomplete without remembering your family’s encouragement and support. You are all in my prayers. Looking forward to your updates as we see how God is moving. :)

    Love you all,

  6. Hello Jason,
    I just got word about the accident today. Please tell your father that we are praying for him and your mom. We’ll try to keep up with their recovery. We love and appreciate them greatly.

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