home for the weekend


This past weekend, Erik and Erin drove down to be with Mom and Dad in their respective hospitals, and I flew home to be with my family (Jen and the kids, as well as our church family). It was such an amazing homecoming. 

I changed my flight to arrive late Friday night, since Mom woke up Friday morning. It gave me a little bit more time with her and a little bit of time to celebrate with Dad and Erik and Erin. The girls were already in bed, so Caleb and Jen came to pick me up. 

The van pulled up to the curbside, the door slid open, and this amazing seven-year-old leaped into my arms. I have not had a sweeter hug from him. I have never been apart from my family for three weeks. It had been that long since Mom and Dad’s accident. My beautiful wife held me…for a while. Security was gracious. 

The next day, we went to Caleb’s flag football game. The first I had seen, because I had been away. He did so well! I love watching him with all his energy and the way he encourages his teammates. 

Afterward, we headed to EPCOT for a fun family day. It was amazing. Here’s a little video of some of the highlights. 

I have to tell this quick story. We walked up to the “Test Track” ride to see what the “Fast Pass” wait was and to measure Katey to see if she was tall enough to ride now. She was!!! However, the wait was like 85 minutes in line and the “Fast Pass” return time was later than we were going to be able to stay.

A Disney cast member noticed us. Jen and I later wondered if she was an angel. We never saw her again, even though we sought after her to thank her for what she did. Not sure if God would send an angel to get us onto the “Test Track” ride. 

Regardless, that’s what she did. She asked us, “Is this her first time to be tall enough to ride?” We told her yes, just thinking she was making conversation. She obviously had seen us processing how long the wait was and how late the return for the “Fast Pass” was. She said, “Come on. I will walk you up and get you on.”

She escorted us into the exit and through some secret passageway that opened up right at the first car. She put us next in line to get on. I went with Katey first. Caleb surprised us and said he didn’t want to do it until he was eight. He is like that. Cautious at first, and needing of time to process and make a plan and build up courage. Katey – she jumps off the cliff without a parachute. She loved it! 

“Wooooo-hooooooo! Can we do that again?”

I told her we would have to do it next time we came and to please make sure and thank the lady who got us on. She was anxious to thank her. Like I said, we couldn’t find her. Before she disappeared, she did walk back out and give Jen passes to switch with me as the “adult” escorting the kid on the ride. They do that – pretty cool service for parents with young kids. Katey got her wish and rode a second time with Jen. Very special memory.

The next morning blew me away. At Westpoint’s worship gathering, the welcome and the hugs and the celebration was overwhelmingly beautiful. It was a much different feel than I think we all thought it would be earlier in the week when we made plans for me to fly back home for the weekend. Mom had awakened. 

You may or may not remember, but I played Mom a message before she awakened of that the kids had left on my voice mail. They were singing the song “My God Is So Big.” It definitely moved Mom. Even while still in the coma, we could tell by her expression that it caught her attention. 

Well, Ted and the band had worked it out with Jen and the kids for Caleb and Katey and Abby to come up and lead the congregation in singing the song. WOW! So touched my heart. Meant so, so, much. Thanks to those of you who thought of doing that. 

Our God is so BIG. And more than faithful. Thank you, Lord, that in Your grace and mercy and purposes you are healing Mom and Dad. We trust you – the God who gives and takes away. Blessed be the name of the Lord!!!

3 thoughts on “home for the weekend

  1. Love the post! It was great to see you and I know you were thrilled to see your family. Love you guys and are continuing to pray for all of you!

  2. Thank you for this very touching story of the Love of God. The video did more than bring tears to my eyes. I have your family in my continued prayers.

  3. Jason –

    That video was awesome… I will definitely “keep praying” like the video said… I’m so glad you were able to come home and be refreshed by your family! They love you so.

    i think about you all every day and continue to pray that your Mom keeps waking up and that your Dad keeps healing! And for strength for you, jen, erik and erin! Love you all!!!

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