an “appointment” at West Jeff

Watching Dad and Mom see each other again today was unforgettable. Here are four pics to give you a glimpse of Dad’s special “appointment” away from his hospital over to Mom’s.

superman-going-to-see-wonder-womanWe cleaned Dad up and rolled him downstairs to hop in the car. He slid into the car from his wheelchair across his sliding board, I stored the chair in the trunk, and we were off. We crossed the river and headed to West Jefferson hospital, stopping briefly to grab Mom some lip balm. Dad waited in the car. Once we arrived, we found a parking place and headed in. Here’s Superman in front of Mom’s hospital.



Here is Dad beside Mom’s bed. They were both smiling. If you know them well, to catch them both smiling in a picture is rare. Not sure why that is. Today, though, they were definitely smiling.




 I threw this one in for fun. It is for those of you who still haven’t seen me with a beard, but have said you want to. Not sure why you want to, but here you go. Weird huh? Mom likes it. So does Jen.




Here’s Dad and me coming back across the river on the Huey P. Long bridge. He was on the phone. I was taking the picture. He was telling all about the special “appointment.” Fun stuff.



Oh yeah – before we got there, Mom’s physical therapists got her limbs moving and even SAT MOM UP!!! They had to support her body and neck, but what an awesome step in her recovery!!! We’ll see where we go from here. Here’s two pics:


moving Mom's broken arm.

moving Mom's broken arm.

sitting Mom up...with a lot of help.

sitting Mom up...with a lot of help.

4 thoughts on “an “appointment” at West Jeff

  1. Hey Man, I like the beard. Cool pics of Super Son taking Super Man to see Super Woman. You da Man.

    Love you.

  2. Jace: so good to know your dad was able to see your mom today. how wonderful. I know it was a good time for you and for both of them. The best picture of all was YOU WITH THE BEARD! It looks great for sure! I send you great greetings of grace. God is at work. I know you know that. Your faith and the faith of your brother are inspirations to all of us in these days. You are seriously loved by so many. Glad I get to be one. +B+B+

  3. Jace! I like the beard! It makes you look all grown up! I know you are, but you know it takes us old people a little time to get used to it. Still praying for your folks! So glad to see your mom sitting up!!! Amazing what God can do!

    God Bless!

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