my daughters.

Jen shared with me tonight a conversation she and Katey had today. Katey feels slighted at school by one of her little girl-friends. It had come to Mommy’s attention, so Jen wanted to intentionally encourage Katey this morning before school.

“Katey, you are so special. No matter what anyone ever says, you are so precious and beautiful and special.”

“But [so-and-so] doesn’t think so.”

We can all relate, I am sure. Jen went on to ask Katey how it made her feel. Katey’s response and the rest of the conversation went something like this (as best I can remember what Jen told me):

“Sad. It makes me feel sad. And it makes God feel sad, too.”

“For sure. How did you know that,” Mommy asked?

“I just know. I have special eyes and can see that kind of thing.”

Oh, Katey. May you never lose that vision. May you never lose that insight into what God sees. Especially about yourself. May you rest assured in His view of you, in His declaration of your worth (you are worth dying for), and in His perception of your beauty.

I should be in bed. But that conversation stuck with me. I was about to put the computer up and hit the hay, but I just couldn’t let it go. So, I stayed up way too late and put this video together. I put it together not so much for my daughters now, but for the day when their perception of themselves has been clouded by the dark haze of enhanced bodies and touched-up photos causing them to forget their God-given beauty and their declared worth. For the day when Katey may have come to believe that the seen is more real than the unseen. For the day when she no longer looks through the eyes of a little girl.

Katey, Abby, and Ella, please promise me you will watch this again at 13 and 18 and 21 and beyond. 

I love you more than life. You are pictures of profound love and unending beauty to me. And you are to your Heavenly Father, as well.

Here’s the video. No sound at first. Just words to read. Then the song and pics kick in. Hope it encourages you and the beauties of our life.

15 thoughts on “my daughters.

  1. Simply beautiful. Tears are flowing! Can you share who sings the song that you used in the video and artist who sings it?! Thank you for sharing. Dan Meyers who’s a Christian artist wrote a song called Beautiful and it’s about telling your daughters that you think they are beautiful, throughout the years, how easy it’s to tell our “little girls” they’re beautiful, but we don’t do it so much as preteens and teenagers, it truly goes right along with your thoughts! Oh Dan has a website:

    God Bless

    • Thanks Christy for sharing! The artist who did the song is Jonny Diaz. The title of the song is “More Beautiful You.” Hope that helps! Thank you so much for your prayers and support.

  2. Wow Jason! That is truly beautiful! Your daughters are blessed to have such a father! I’m not surprised at all. I saw some of that a long time ago. :)

    God Bless you!

  3. Jason, I attend church in Spfd, MO where Danny Chisolm is the pastor. He told us about your parents accident and I’ve been keeping track of things via Caringbridge. First of all know that your entire family are in my prayers daily. Second, thank you so much for creating and sharing the video. With two daughters of my own, my wish for them is that they know how much God loves them and how beautiful he thinks they are, for that is all that matters. You and your family are an inspiration to all of us in so many ways.

  4. Jason, as you so often say, “That Rocks.” I just have this feeling that your precious daughters are going to treasure that video for a long, long time. What a loving, securing expression of incredible encouragement. What a blessing.

  5. Brother, you know how to express your love and feelings in amazingly creative ways. I only pray that I’ll be as meaningful in my own ways to my little girl, Ella’s age as you know, as you are to all of your princesses.

  6. I can’t help but imagine what a different world it would be if every little girl was loved like these girls are.

  7. Jason,

    Thanks for loosing sleep over this. This video is an awesome investment of your time. Thanks for all of the writing and sharing that you are doing. This really helps me to feel like I am staying connected with you.

    It’s funny because my little Katie has started talking about things that make Jesus sad. I am praying that our little girls never loose that insight and their sense of worth.

  8. What is the song and artist that is playing on your video? I really like that.

    Our children have a way of reminding us of the important things, don’t they?

  9. I’m beginning to feel like a stalker, waiting for your next post and information on you parents. I do love the insites on yur precious family.
    Thank you so much for your insite into your family and your parents healing!
    So glad the girls have the boys back home this weekend.

  10. I came across your blog randomly this morning, and I was touched by your simple message and video.
    I’m a 20 year old college student, and I had already forgotten what it was like to be that little girl. The world is a cruel judge of beauty and will never tire of being an unfair place.
    I pray your daughters will never experience any hardships, heartaches, or disappointments, but if they do, at least they have a father like you to catch them when they fall.

    Thanks posting such an inspiring message and video! Your daughters will love it more and more as time goes on!

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