a look at our week so far…

I have written it before, and I will write it again. While the time away from my wife and kids has not been easy on them or me (Jen – you are amazing. I knew that already. I am an even bigger fan now), I have to say that the time with my dad has been very, very rich. We have talked and laughed and cried and relaxed and sipped a whole lot of coffee together. We have gone to the doctor, gone to see Mom, gone to see movies, gone to enjoy great restaurants, and gone to visit with great people. All made greater because it has been with Dad. All very difficult, because we wish Mom could be there, too. 

Just to let you in on a few highlights from this week so far, here are a few pics to enjoy:

Dad began out-patient therapy Tuesday morning. Here he is in orientation:


Dad got over onto the bike and went for a ride to nowhere. Here are two pics:



The therapist added what should be standard on all walkers. Dad and I are considering inventing the already-equipped tennis ball walker. Don’t steal our idea, now!


This is a pic of the legend himself, Jimmy Dukes, walking under banners of young men (Drew Brees of the New Orleans Saints and Chris Paul of the New Orleans Hornets) who hope to one day have his kind of toughness and resolve:


Here are some pics of Mom with two of her physical therapists the day she stood up (Tuesday):



Here’s Mom maxing and relaxing. They stretched out her shoulders and back.


Here’s Mom doing a hand-control exercise. She really did well!


Here’s Mom sticking her tongue out. We wanted to see how far she could stick it out now. She is making great progress with the healing of her tongue. I also wanted her to stick out her tongue to show the kids.


On Wednesday, as we were attempting to cross the river to go see Mom, we got stuck in traffic. We found out there was a big wreck on the Greater New Orleans Bridge (the bridge you will see in the background of some of the following pictures). We had to get gas anyway, so we decided to hop off the interstate and get gas and take the ferry across the river. I got some cool shots from the river.

Here’s us getting onto the ferry, following the truck you see in front of us:


Here’s one of a big ship rolling down the river:


Here’s one of a power plant and the bridge in the background and another ferry boat in the foreground:


Here’s one of the city skyline and the bridge that I took with the panoramic app on my phone. I liked it if you can’t tell, since I made it the new header on my blog:


Here’s one  of Dad and Steve and Amanda and David. Steve and Amanda served with Dad and Mom when they were on the pastoral team of First Baptist Cliftondale, GA. David is the General Manager of Drago’s, Dad’s favorite restaurant. Steve and Amanda were in town, and they took us there Wednesday night.


There you go! A look at our week so far. 

Now we are off to more adventures. Dad has an appointment with his Neurologist right now. We are about to head up. XRays first, then the doctor. Then lunch. Then going to see Mom.

I’ll update again tonight.

6 thoughts on “a look at our week so far…

  1. I am so glad to see these pictures and to know that everyone is making progress. I am blessed to be a part of the journey you are on with your parents. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hey Jason,
    Thanks for the great pics! And for sharing what’s going on with your precious family! We continue to pray for all of you and are so encouraged by the great hurdles they are overcoming!

    Love you all!
    Pat & Bizzie Bene’

  3. Wow!!! What an awesome week!! I have been following your posts and keeping my husband, Allan Lovelace, up-to-date on your parent’s progress. Our God is an AWESOME God. I have never met your parents, my husband took a couple of classes from your dad, but I feel like I already know you. We were in N.O. in May for Allan’s graduation (Master of Divinity) and he showed me around New Orleans and took me to some fabulous restaurants. One of them being Drago’s. Now, I have to share this because of your dislike to the chargrilled oysters :), but I did not like oysters until we ate at Drago’s. Allan got them as an appetizer and I like to try new things, so I did. I ate half of them. They were absolutely delicious!!!!!!! I believe Drago’s has become my favorite restaurant in N.O. Anyway, I want to let you and your family know that we have been praying for you all. Your posts have made me laugh, cry, smile, and rejoice. I look forward to the day when I can meet your precious mom and dad. We vacation in Orlando just about every summer and will be this summer. Maybe the opportunity will be there to meet them.
    Thanks for sharing the pics. I see why you made the panoramic view your heading on your blog…great photo.
    In Christ,

  4. We have cried for your family, then dried our tears and prayed for all of you. We knew Jimmy and Retia at First Baptist Church of Cliftondale when Jimmy was our interim pastor. We love them so much and we always were kept up on the kids and the grandkids because they are so proud of ALL of you!!! I was the pianist at the church when Jimmy was there and was so proud to serve with him and Retia. What a beautiful, gracious, loving Christian couple. We love all of you and will be continuing to pray for you.
    Love, Mary (Gaulding) and Eddie West
    P.S. I met and married Eddie after your mom and dad left Cliftondale.

  5. Thanks for the updates – your parents are doing great. It’s already been such a long journey, but step by step they’re making it! I can’t wait to see the two of them, standing there together in the middle, with all your family around you, celebrating full recovery!

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