God, trouble, and you.

Mom and Dad were run over by a Ford Expedition April 4th a little after 7:30pm. Mom continues to make slow progress in her recovery in a local New Orleans hospital. Dad is an out-patient now. He is working hard in rehab, and recovering well. Long road still for both of them. But we are thankful to simply be interacting with them. 

On May 31st, Dad taught again for the first time since the accident. He was asked to share at the worship gathering of Gentilly Baptist Church here in New Orleans. Benji and Jenna filmed it (thank you!). Here it is, broken into five consecutive segments. Hope it will encourage and challenge you to draw near to God as He has drawn near to us in Christ. 

(part 1)

(part 2)

(part 3)

(part 4)

(part 5)


I love you, Dad. Thanks for how you have always lived what you teach.

2 thoughts on “God, trouble, and you.

  1. Thank you for posting this for all to see and hear. Three years ago I was a student of Dr. Dukes and experienced an explosion of sorts in my marriage and family. I withdrew from seminary to deal with the myriad of issues involved and have not yet returned. This message and how your family has walked through this storm constantly reminds me of how God does walk through those times when life seems out of control. Please give my best to your dad. I have been and will continue to ask our Father for healing, closeness and His provision for all your family.

    Scott Ison

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