It would be an understatement to say I want Mom to return to how she was before the accident. I believe that God can heal her and that she can recover to that point. It seems like a long way from now. A very long way. 

It feels like it is going to be as long as the DenBesten’s must have felt. Kris and Robin were shocked on Christmas Eve 2008 when doctors told them that their 9 year old daughter’s heart had calcified. It was the effect of something she had been born with – something unbeknownst to them up to that point. 

It would be a long shot, but she would need a heart transplant. She lived with a Berlin Heart for some time. Then, on April 15th, 2009, she received a new heart. That new heart took to Gracyn’s body, and she is returning to a life more like most 9 year old girls. 

Gracyn sang of the Healer God at worship gathering for First Baptist Church of Orlando yesterday. I believe, along with her, that God is our healer. He can heal Mom. I am praying to that end. Whether in the now or inside of eternity, Mom will be whole again. I am trusting either way. Hopeful for the now.

Here’s Gracyn singing a song to the Healer of her heart. I pray we will all know Him as the healer of our hearts, as well.

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