two videos worth sharing

It doesn’t take a long time to share some videos here in my blog, so I thought I would do so. I hope you enjoy them. 

The first one is of a teaching concept about the ways of Jesus called “Converge.” Donald Miller hosts. Looks interesting. Comes out in October 2009. Let me know what you think. Click on the link below to go to the site and watch the video. It will either open a new window or take you to a new page. Click back to come back here if it takes you to a new page. Check it out:


The next video is dear to my heart, mainly because of the culture I grew up in and the friends I walked with in the inner-city of New Orleans. I could so see this happening in some way there. And I love it. If you get hung up in any inaccuracy, at least let the enthusiasm and the spirit of it get you excited! Check it out:

There you go. 

By the way – SOMETHING ELSE WORTH SHARING – Katey, my almost five year old, learned how to read today. She read her first little book by herself. My wife taught her, which is really cool. Here’s a pic of her reading:


Katey reading her first book.

Katey reading her first book.

I love my KG (“Katey Grace”)!!! And her Mommy, too, who is so awesome with all she teaches our kids. I am so blessed to have a wife who gives her life away into our kids the way Jen does.

I’ll blog at you later.

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