praying for wisdom. praying for love.

Wisdom and love.Who doesn’t want them? Decisions loom. Loneliness abounds. Hopelessness is near. Brokenness is realized. Money. Relationships. Future. Who doesn’t want wisdom and love?

How would you define wisdom? The Bible has an entire “book” dedicated to wisdom principles. The book “James” from the New Testament of the Bible states that God will give it in abundance if we ask for it. People of all races and cultures declare some choices to be wise and some choices to be foolish. So, what is wisdom?

What if “wisdom” is when God’s unseen shows up in our seen? What if wisdom is when it is on earth as it is in heaven? What would be different in your life if God’s unseen showed up in your seen?

What about love? The Bible holds the story of a loving God intent on pursuing a people who pursue their own interests in order to restore them into the loving relationship He made them to have with Him. And He goes to any length necessary to get their attention – from interrupting their pursuits to actually taking on the consequence of their self-destructive choice of betrayal, death. Jesus gave a new command in the New Testament “book” of John, chapter 13. He said we were to love like He loves. Well, He doesn’t love when He chooses or when He feels like it. He loves us to death, no matter what it takes, so that abundant life can blossom in and through us. He doesn’t love to better His life. He loves, losing His life so that we can have life. 

Do I love like that? What if when you said “I love you” you were really saying “I’d die for you if I had to?” What if instead of loving a team or a donut or a hobby, we loved people? What if we loved because we chose to give love no matter how people were responding to that love? Cause that’s love. That’s how Jesus loved us.

Therefore, pray for wisdom. Pray for love. I assure you that our lives will absolutely change if each of us would rise in the morning and pray:

Jesus, please give me wisdom and please teach me to love. May Your unseen show up in my seen, on earth as it is in heaven. May it show up because Your love is showing up and changing me and changing others. Teach me how to love like You love, and give me the wisdom to recognize the opportunities that you give me along the way to love. 

Then listen. Look. Respond. Love. 

He already promised His unseen would show up. He said He would grant wisdom. He called us to love, though. Maybe that’s when wisdom shows herself the most.

Thoughts? Holler back…


Speaking of love, here’s a fun display of it. Sure to make you smile. It’s a segment of the “daddy-daughter dance” at the reception of the wedding of Katie and Michael. They are friends, and my wife and I were truly blessed to be a part of their wedding ceremony. We love you, Michael and Katie. We’re excited to walk with you in the journey ahead.

Here’s the video:

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