worship is…

You’ve heard it said and probably even sung that “we were made to worship.” But what does that mean? If we truly were made to worship, ask yourself this question – are you worshipping in the everyday, and if so, how? It stands to reason that if we were made to worship, we probably ought to ask for wisdom to know what “worship” really is.


Beginning this Sunday morning, we will spend four straight Sundays examining four different Scriptures that let us in on how God defines worship. On August 2nd, we will be reminded that “worship is exposure” from Isaiah 1. On August 9th, we will be challenged that “worship is response” from Amos 4. On August 16th, we will be surprised that “worship is nowhere” from John 4. And On August 23rd, we will be encouraged that “worship is forever” from Revelation 4.


Let’s come together these next four Sundays as the Westpoint family to worship, while we continue to grow as worshippers who live sent everyday. 


Here’s a basic definition of worship, based on the etymology of the word itself and the ways it is used in the Scriptures:

_a declaration of who or what you hold as worth the most; an indication of what you value above all else.


I am asking myself this question – “What is worth the most to me? What do I value most? What I think is worth the most to me, does my life really demonstrate it to be true?” Because whatever is worth the most to me and to you is evident in how we live. And whatever is worth the most to me and to you is what we worship.


Lord, please expose us as Your worshippers. Please strengthen us to respond. Please surprise us in the here and now. May our hope be in You, forever.


See you Sunday, if you can make it. In the meantime, be worshipping today.

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