video tribute to Mom

I can’t say thanks enough for the crowd of people who showed up in New Orleans for Mom’s first memorial service. People from Orlando, where the second service will be held August 18th, even came. Thanks to everyone for your hugs and support and continued prayers. 

If you were there, you may remember that we opened with a video tribute that I put together remembering Mom. Well, some people asked if they could see it again and share it. So, I uploaded it. Here it is if you would like to see it again (or see it for the first time if you were not there Wednesday morning).

I miss Mom. Dad and I set out from New Orleans together this afternoon. We are staying the night about halfway between New Orleans and Orlando, and we will arrive in Orlando tomorrow afternoon. It continues to be a rich time with Dad. I am so thankful for Dad and Erik, and I am excited about our continued time together in the coming days. I do miss Mom, though. I wish we had left New Orleans today with her instead of without her. 

When we pulled out of the guest house parking lot today there in New Orleans, we crossed the street beside the very crosswalk where Mom and Dad were struck. It is still a bit surreal to me how much life was changed in an instant inside that crosswalk. A trip to New Orleans for Mom and Dad that was to have ended April 12th ended August 6th instead. It ended without Mom instead of with her. It ended with Dad being a super man who can also be described as the bionic man (with all his additional metal). But it has ended.

Now, the new normal. Lots of memories of Mom. Lots of life left to live. Life can be changed in a moment, but we must continue to live in the moment and in the abundance that God intended. That abundance is defined by love and relationships. Mom would want nothing less.

If you still have your mom, take her out this weekend. Or call her if you can’t. Or send flowers. Or get her some tea. Or let her hold her grandchildren. Or give her the biggest hug. It’s in those moments when life is abundant. 

Thanks for showing us that in so many moments Mom. See you soon…

7 thoughts on “video tribute to Mom

  1. jason…

    thanks for posting the video since we couldn’t get to new orleans for the service.

    my mom IS still with us, but in ocala. we visit with her every year on Christmas break. we lost my dad in ’01, and i very much regret that i squandered my last opportunity to talk to him before he died (i put off calling him on the day i would normally have done so in order to ring him up a few days later on my birthday. i got a call at 5 a.m. the morning of my birthday telling me that he had died).

    these things have taught me not to put any opportunity off, because we just never know. you guys are in our thoughts and prayers…

  2. Thank you so very much for posting your Mom’s video tribute. It was just right! She will always be in our hearts, our minds and our lives. What a privilege to know your whole family. Our love and prayers go with you as you go back to Orlando.

    Craig and Dee Price

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  4. Jason, you did such a great job on the tribute to your mom. You, Erik and Jimmy planned a beautiful service that completely showed who Aunt Retia was. I wish that she had written a parenting book, because I would love to know how to raise Baileigh the way she raised you and Erik.

    We love you and your sweet family so much. Know that you are always welcome to come visit us. I will send that Bible I was telling you about to your dad’s address if that is ok.
    Love you! Traci

  5. Thanks for posting the video. My Mom & Dad and our whole family are patients of Erik’s. We all love him and he is so loving on us when we visit each time. Mom & Dad I know will want to see this video, because we prayed for your family every morning over breakfast and we will continue to do so. I do feel so blessed to have both of my parents and I will not take that for granted ever again.

    Our thoughts and prayers are with each of you.

  6. Wow! What a beautiful tribute to a beautiful lady! I’m tearing up just thinking about it again. Thanks for posting the video and all of your wise words! I’m so thankful for the amazing perspective that the Lord has given you through all of this. You (and all of your family members) have inspired me to live life with a whole new approach.
    Love to all of you,

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