interview with Alan Hirsch for “the LIVE SENT conversation”

In preparation for the LIVE SENT Conversation coming up September 17th and 18th in Lakeland, FL, I interviewed Alan Hirsch via iChat. In the interview, Alan shares a bit about who he is, about his heart for North America, about his writings, and about the revolution he is a part of to see the church awaken. He also gives a glimpse into what he will be conversing with us about in September. Solid stuff! I am very excited about Alan joining us for the first time this year. The “Conversation” should be an amazing time as we converse and are transformed together to live sent daily and release leaders who live sent.

Take a gander here. Leave comments and questions. I will ask Alan to stop by a few times to respond if you do.

If you want to learn a little more about living sent, please visit the “LIVE SENT” website for the book coming out in September entitled LIVE SENT: you are a letter.

Register for the LIVE SENT conversation at Join us and invite someone. MAKE SURE YOU UNDERSTAND THAT THIS IS NOT ONLY FOR PASTORS OR CHURCH PLANTERS. Every follower of Jesus is called to live sent, so invite any follower of Jesus to join us for the conversation, even if they can only make a part of it. We must engage every follower if we truly want to live sent together as Jesus intended and see His church reproduced into the everyday as well as into new local expressions together.

Can’t wait to see you in September!!! Spread the word.

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