an idea and a book cover

I am told I have lots of ideas. People even say I am an idea guy. That’s why I was pretty excited when my friend Erick told me about “the Idea Camp” in DC this Friday and Saturday. It is a gathering of leaders focused on conversing about and conspiring to carry out ideas that enable the church to live out her mission through fighting the injustices of our world. It’s gonna be a very meaningful time.

Another idea I had a little while back is about to launch – an online news site that shares the stories of humanity being beautiful to one another together. I am hoping to capture a ton of stories this Friday and Saturday in DC. The site is Let me know what you think. IT’S STILL UNDER CONSTRUCTION. It is brand new and in need of news and content. Share about it with others if you will. In our collaboration together, maybe we can capture stories that will highlight love blossoming as intended and inspire others to live beyond self. You can follow on Twitter, too.

By the way, another idea God gave me awhile back became the emphasis of our church family and our church network. Some folks have been elbowing me in the back for the last two years to write it down. So, I did. You can check out the latest news about the book by clicking here.

Pray for me this weekend at the Idea Camp. If you have any ideas you want me to share, let me know.



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