an important message for dads

Hey guys out there. I wanted to share two things with you. One is a question that I have personally been grappling with for some time. I am very interested in your feedback and insight and story. Please comment. The second is a clip from an article I got recently via email. There was a link in it, as well, to a larger article. Well worth reading. Here you go.


am I giving at least the same if not more energy, creativity, passion, strategy, and intentionality to cultivating my marriage and my children as I am into my work?

THE ARTICLE: How to crush your daughter

A young woman, Sarah, wrote us the following e-mail:  “My dad is the most important person in the world to me, even though he doesn’t have much time to spend with me.  That affected me negatively in the teen years. If you want me to cry at the drop of the hat, just get me to thinking about him someday dying, and leaving me without him.  I can be doing anything and when that thought floats by, I’m reduced to sobbing. I wish my dad knew how much he could heal in my family if he would just make us feel more important than work.”

Why are workaholics more likely to fail at both their job and their family? Find out here.

Huddle up and ask your kids tonight: If I worked one hour less each week, what would you like to do?

Think about it. We must. Much love.


One thought on “an important message for dads

  1. You know, I have given this a lot of thought because as a sailor, I unfortunately spend a lot of time away from my wife and kids. It takes some specific actions on my part to remain connected to them while I’m gone or when I’m doing a particularly rough stretch of training preparations.

    It’s been a learning process. Once upon a time, my kids and wife weren’t as important to me as I was. In fact, not even God was important to me. It was what I could get from life. The Holy Spirit has helped me change those attitudes. Things are different now.

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