why do I love Christmas?

Why do I love Christmas? Simple. God came near. It is the Gospel.

The three words imply so much. They imply my desperate need for God to take the initiative to fix what I broke and come near to restore relationship with me. They imply God’s desperate love that moved Him to put on skin, become a dependent baby, and give His life away for those dependent upon Him for the very breath we breathe. They imply that His mission is to come, and He now sends us just like He sent His Son. They imply that divinity was intended to connect with humanity and that humanity was intended to connect with divinity and that God’s love is actually most seen in the together connection we have with Jesus and with one another.

God came near. Emmanuel. That’s why I like Christmas so much.

May we as His church come near to the culture God loves. May we not stay far off in judgment and safety, but rather become desperate to give love and life the way He was willing to do when He was laid in a manger.

Enjoy this video from the Jesus Storybook Bible folks. Click here for the VIDEO. If you want to learn more about the Jesus Storybook Bible, click here.

Merry Christmas!

One thought on “why do I love Christmas?

  1. Jason,
    I am learning to love Christmas in ways that I never have before. Loved your post. Thanks for lighting the way for so many others.
    Many blessings and Merry Christmas,

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