do you KEEP SCORE or GIVE LOVE in your relationships?

This past Sunday, December 13th, we continued the series entitled “on earth as it is in HEAVEN” – a study of Matthew 5 to 7. The passage we focused on was Matthew 5:38-42. You can listen to the entire message, which my dad (Jimmy Dukes) and I co-taught by CLICKING HERE.

For those of you interested, here’s the outline and the bottom line:

1 – So, where does “the one who hurt me should get what they deserve” fit in here?

>> Relationships don’t work unless we live with a posture of forgiveness at all times. Hopefully, others are doing that for me.

2 – And, where’s the balance between “being trampled” and “defending myself” in this “Don’t hit back at all” stuff?

>> The balance is found in the tender, fierce love of Jesus flowing in and through me.

3 – Oh yeah! What about “that’s not fair!!!” – cause this isn’t very fair, is it?

>> What was fair about the cross? Jesus is not asking us to do anything He has not done, or anything that He will not help us to do.


Choosing love makes the score uneven and usually not in my favor. But, living generously is always a win, even if it means great loss for me? Why, because no relationship has a chance unless at least one person involved chooses oneness over winning. And no broken relationship can be restored unless at least one person involved lays down the scorecard, lets go of revenge, surrenders the grudge, and chooses love.


Come gather with us Sunday morning the 20th as we celebrate Christmas together and study Matthew 5:43-48 (entitled “Christmas was God’s perfection with skin on”).  MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

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