i have three daughters.

If you didn’t know, I have three daughters. And it is special. Challenging, but special.

One of my biggest trepidations is the coming battle with teen daughters over beauty and vanity and modesty. I know it will come, so I have a choice – to prepare for “battle” with my daughters now, as though we are on the same team, or to wage war against them later, as though we are on opposing teams. I understand that nothing I do now will guarantee what happens later. However, I do know that preparation now ensures the best chance that we will still live like we are on the same team later.

So, when I came across this article from ALL PRO DAD, an enewsletter I subscribe to, I found it worth sharing. It suggests five things to be thinking about and emphasizing and communicating about with regard to MODESTY. Worth the read. Click here if you want to check it out.

One of the Scriptures I am definitely trying to teach my daughters, and that my wife teaches and models for them, is Proverbs 11:22. It says:

A beautiful woman who lacks discretion is like a gold ring in a pig’s snout.

My prayer is not only that my daughters will know God declares their worth and be confident that their Daddy sees them as beautiful inside and out, but also that they will see that a lack of discretion with their beauty is the same as dragging themselves through the mud.

Hopefully this will encourage you as it did me. If you are a parent with daughters, let’s pray for and hold each other up.

I’m thinking about moving to Siberia til they turn 35. Or western Australia. Deep in the thick of the bush. Yeah – that would be better. I like koalas. Or, I guess I could walk closely with them, remind them of their beauty daily, love them unconditionally, hold them close as often as possible, pray, and trust God that learning and living His ways with them will suffice. Everything else is out of my control. Except for having a big gun hanging in the living room, interviewing every boy who has eyes for my daughters on the couch underneath it, and having an uncontrollable twitch in my left eye. That might help, too.

We’ll see. In the meantime, I’ll keep enjoying being called “Prince Charming” and being asked to dance and even being asked to play Barbie.

One thought on “i have three daughters.

  1. jason, thank you for being pro-active! if only some of the girls that I work with had someone tell them at a young age how important this is, I think things would be drastically different. may your sweet girls find their identity in Christ and in Him alone!

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