i love my dad.

Pop (what I call my dad) is in Israel…again. But I’m not bitter. I haven’t gone a single time. This is his 1,235,789th trip. But I’m not bitter :-)

Seriously, I love my dad. I am so very excited and thankful that he is back in Israel these 10 days, with a great group of students and families, and getting to teach “on location.” Can you imagine? Reading the story of Gideon and getting to see the Midianite’s camp? Reading about Jesus calming the storm from a boat on the sea where the waves raged? Teaching from the Sermon on the Mount from the Mount? Teaching the teachings of Jesus by His and Dad’s favorite sea (the Sea of Galilee)? He gets to do that.

In fact, here’s a pic of him doing that yesterday:

Pop teaching beside the Sea of Galilee.

Pretty cool. I love my dad. What’s really cool is that we are team teaching on Sunday mornings through Matthew 5 to 7 right now with @WestpointChurch (when he is not in Israel :-). Most of them have been recorded and podcasted. You can listen by clicking here.

Love you, Pop. Come back safe. Don’t be tempted to steal the Shroud of Turin. See you soon.

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