my resident 8 year old theologian

So I’m lying down last night with my son, my 8 year old theologian son, Caleb. We have been talking a lot about the Haiti earthquake the past few days. The topic came up again. The room was dark. It was late, because we were out together enjoying the comedian Tim Hawkins followed by a late-night, help-Mommy-out grocery run to the Millenia Target (cause they are open later than the one at the Winter Garden Village). He was quiet, because his wheels were turning. The silence was broken with the following question:

Why did God let that happen to the people of Haiti? I mean, they were already a poor people who didn’t have much? Why did He do that?

Of course, I pulled out my iPhone on which I had prepared a media presentation, accented with 3-D effects, highlighting the system I had created to contain the knowledge of an understandable God who opened up the earth with a vengeful wrath terrorizing an ignored people who sold their souls and country to the guy with a pitch fork. Of course, that last sentence is NOT TRUE.

What I did say, though, was very profound. Profoundly transparent.

I don’t know, bud. I don’t think He caused that. He certainly allowed it. Why? I have no idea.

“But why? He can do anything, Dad,” he rebutted. “He didn’t have to let that fault line move.”

He was right. And all I could say is that I trust God. While I don’t think He made that earthquake happen, I know He allowed it. Why, I don’t know. I won’t know. I told Caleb that we live on a planet that God made in a created order, and we see His created order play out in so much of creation. From the food chain to weather patterns to the formation of rock and islands and more. And in that order, the earth moved that day. And now, as a follower of Jesus, as a believer in the almighty God, I don’t need to ask “why” as much as I need to ask “now what?”

And then I was quiet.

And then he said:

Yeah. Yeah. I mean, if that had not happened, some of those people would not have known that God is with them. But now they will. Now they will know God is with them in how we help them.

“That’s right buddy. They will know Him and see Him by our love,” I affirmed him.

“If I was boss,” he asserted, “I would bring as many people from Haiti as we could here to help them heal and let the ones who wanted to stay and help the rebuild stay.”

An administrator and a theologian. Wow. That’s my boy.

8 thoughts on “my resident 8 year old theologian

  1. Amazing how children see the world…we have well known educated evangelist who seem to think they have the right to try to answer for God and the children see the importance of God just being there.

    Had a person ask me why did it take all of this for us to realize we were overlooking our neighbor we were told to love?

  2. that’s rock on theology! This is the best response I have heard so far. Thank you Lord for allowing Target to be open so late

  3. If only we remembered to look at things as if we were children. What a great reminder in our over complex, analytical, 24hr rolling media world.

    Thanks Caleb and thanks for sharing Jason.

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