a poem about redemption.

redemption. beautiful.
by jason c dukes

love that had to be given.
a selfless God.
a generous Creator.
an overflowing heart.

loneliness that had to be driven
by a relational God
for the created to know
intention from the start.

garden life.
two trees. one choice.
know all. know strife.
know life. hear His voice.

selfishness. fear.
a naked realization.
an overwhelming shame.
a place to hide.

Creator comes near.
where are you?
I am here.
come abide.

garden death.
consequences now.
history’s quest.
return somehow.

the Lover knew
yet made us anyway.
plan in place
even before the 1st day

to restore His love
back into His way.
the Son comes near.
announces the Kingdom.
commands us to love.
and dies.

restoration is here.
believe His love.
trust His enough.
ignore the lies.

the garden anew.
one day. restful.
thanks to You.
redemption. beautiful.

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