follow #LiveSent tweets from #LiveSent peeps

Sorry. Couldn’t help it with the rhyme. I like to do it all the time. See what I mean…

Anyway, if you are going to be at the actual conversation later today or if you were sitting around before you went to bed last night yearning for the chance to somehow participate even though you will not be there, then consider yourself lucky!!! You have 2 opportunities to follow along.

One is thru the Twitter feeds that people post with the “hashtag” #LiveSent. Those posts will congregate on a “Twubs” website, which you can view by CLICKING HERE!

The other opportunity is via LiveStreaming. We will post the details on that later today.

Thankful that the LIVE SENT conversation is upon us. Praying for a very fruitful time together. Mostly praying that we will leave to live sent.


church planter by darrin patrick

Hey guys and gals – i am currently reading Church Planter by Darrin Patrick and really digging it so far. Challenging and convicting and inspiring. Here’s a short video of Darrin sharing his desire to see men lead the churches to be on movement as Jesus intended His church to be on mission. Take the 4 minutes to watch. It’s worth it…