when someone we loves goes to heaven

Zack, a friend of mine, shared this very special video with me. It was created by Northland Church here in Metro Orlando. It is geared toward children, but it is impactful for us all. I wanted to share it with you all so that either you or someone you know may be blessed and encouraged by it. I know I was.

The emotions of losing my mom last year still take me on and up and down journey from time to time. Our understanding of heaven is crucial to how we live and think now. If we do trust God to be a loving God, then we can not only look forward to being in the full presence of His love, but we can also better endure the difficulty of our time in the here and now.

I long to be nearer to the God who came near. Thankful for the hope that this video communicates. CLICK HERE to watch it…

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