a poem about Joseph

My friend Sandy sent me this original poem he penned about Joseph, the husband of Mary and earthly father to Jesus. Great stuff. I liked it so much, I asked him if I could share it with you. SO, here you go:


Four times.
the common laborer laid down to rest
to seek the ordinary solace of night only to be
astonished in sleep by the arrival of power,
an advent, the dream voice beyond all voices
speaking into his life with easy authority:

Forget convention and marry the overshadowed girl.
Forget  plans and flee to a place
as alien and angular as its monuments.
Forget your fears and journey again through the desert
to the occupied country of your father.
Forget home and settle instead in the land of prophecy.

Four times he saw – what?
A blazing messenger, an other-worldly prince of light.
Four times he heard – what?
Words of thunder quaking the solid ground on which he lived.

Who knows so clearly what he truly dreams?
Who trusts so deeply the strange revelations of
his own inner landscape?
Who acts so boldly on what he knows in himself
against the evidence of everything he sees?
Who believes so humbly that he is chosen, too,
for a role that makes miracles possible?

This one did.
Four  times.

[ Sandy S. | Advent, 2010 ]

BY THE WAY – my dad is up next to teach in our Christmas series this coming Sunday morning. He will be leading us as we consider what the story of Joseph teaches us about God, how we relate with Him, and how we relate with one another. If you can make it, join us at the worship gathering for @WestpointChurch at 10am at Whispering Oak Elementary School in Winter Garden.

Merry Christmas!!!


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