pardon the interruption…

Not that there are very many of you even out there that are interested in my blog, but for those of you who might care just a little bit, I am on a brief blogging break. Again, you probably don’t even care, except like maybe the same amount as you might care for a wider straw when you get a thick Chick-Fil-A milkshake, or like maybe the same amount as  you might care to not have a paper cut on your ear lobe, or like maybe the same amount as you might care to win a be-dazzler. You certainly don’t care as much as you will about March Madness next week or about the price of gas. But maybe you at least care as much as you did about the Miami Heat crying in the locker room after their 4th straight loss.

I apologize for not blogging since Valentine’s week. I am actually busy finishing a manuscript for a new book that I am very, very excited about and feel very, very sobered by its message and implications. I hope you will be challenged reading it as much as I have been writing it. But you will have to be patient. It doesn’t come out until January 2012. In the mean time, the new version of LIVE SENT releases in April, but that’s another blog and blog post.

SO, the REFLECTIONS ON ISRAEL series will continue after March 18th, which is the deadline for the book manuscript. When that series wraps, it will be followed by  a series entitled “RANTING AND RAVING ABOUT…” The rants and raves will include what’s swirling in my head and heart about:

  • politics
  • sports
  • coffee
  • restaurants
  • weight watchers
  • couponing
  • jake smith
  • home school
  • texting while driving
  • twitter and facebook
  • emealz
  • church marquee signs

Not necessarily in that order. In the meantime, make sure to sign up for the College Basketball Tournament Challenge. If you want to be in the group my 9 year old and I are putting together, then comment below and let me know.

Much love! And Go Duke! And please pray that God will grant me wisdom and clarity as I finish this manuscript as well as encouragement for those who read the new LIVE SENT release.

That is, if you even care :)

3 thoughts on “pardon the interruption…

    • if you will commit to make me a T-shirt that has the entirety of the Sermon on the Mount bedazzled onto it, then I will commit with all of my ability to get you a bedazzler!!! :)

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