As I get back into posting some REFLECTIONS on ISRAEL, here’s a good way to kick us back off. A video some of the guys on the trip put together. Pretty awesome.

I will be sharing thoughts from the last few days of the trip over the next two weeks along with some thoughts on a biblical metaphor that was sharpened for me while we were there. Excited about seeing thoughts and comments on that one. Much love!

Here’s my “one day without shoes” story.

It rained Tuesday. My feet got wet. Really wet. I had the uncommon feeling of blue jeans rolled one extra roll because of the puddled water and muddy grass and warm black-top with no shoe or shoe-back as a barrier. And the spit out chew in the parking lot at Target I almost stepped in. And the funny looks from the Walgreen’s clerk who didn’t speak English so I couldn’t really tell her why I was barefoot. I got to shared why I was shoeless with four people, ten if you count my wife and kids. It was a good experience.

That about sums up my second “one day without shoes.” Grateful to for the awareness campaign and for their generosity as a business. May we all be aware and active to share all that has been given to us.

What’s your story? Do you think you might participate next year?