Here’s my “one day without shoes” story.

It rained Tuesday. My feet got wet. Really wet. I had the uncommon feeling of blue jeans rolled one extra roll because of the puddled water and muddy grass and warm black-top with no shoe or shoe-back as a barrier. And the spit out chew in the parking lot at Target I almost stepped in. And the funny looks from the Walgreen’s clerk who didn’t speak English so I couldn’t really tell her why I was barefoot. I got to shared why I was shoeless with four people, ten if you count my wife and kids. It was a good experience.

That about sums up my second “one day without shoes.” Grateful to for the awareness campaign and for their generosity as a business. May we all be aware and active to share all that has been given to us.

What’s your story? Do you think you might participate next year?

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