5 suggested shifts to actually make disciples

So, this is a blog apology. I will be candid and say I doubt anyone lost any sleep over the fact that my promised “5 suggested shifts to actually make disciples” blog posts did not make it on the LIVE SENT blog this week. But they will next week. For what it’s worth. So if you are interested at all in those suggestions, please be on the look out on the LIVE SENT site.

Why am I saying that on this blog? Just to let you know I have been blogging primarily on that site for the past few months. You can check out some of the latest posts by going there or clicking on the links below for some of the more popular posts during that time:

What’s next on this personal blog? Well, the Israel posts are past due and now overdue. SO, I will jump to some rants and raves posts as promised back in April. They are issues that have been on my heart I think are worth sharing. They are issues that I definitely want to learn from you all about, if you would be so kind as to read them and comment. This series of posts will begin in July.

…assuming I don’t have a week’s delay again and need another blog apology.

Much love.

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