RANTING & RAVING: Here’s a brief rant for those against big families and a rave to declare my gratefulness for mine!!!

I don’t get it. We only have FIVE kids. We have not been called by TLC. Not yet, at least. And yet my wife and I both get those comments when we are out and about with our kids.

“Wow! You got your hands full.”

“So, you think five is enough?”

“You aren’t gonna have anymore, are you?”

To the first comment, we have tried to reply with something like, “And our hearts are full, too.” At least when we don’t think it is too much of a smart-aleck response. To the second comment, we confess there are some days we end the day with a sigh and a YES, but there are many days we end the day wondering how fun it would be to have more. To the third comment, the answer is we don’t know. While we certainly have a part in that, and a fun one at that, we are just praying for wisdom and provision as God sees fit.

For all of you who make comments, we actually don’t mind them. That much. We would just encourage you not to knock it until you’ve tried it :)

The rave in this post is simple – I AM SO GRATEFUL FOR MY FAMILY!!! My beautiful bride and my wonderful five kids are such a blessing, encouraging and exhorting and sharpening and making me smile every day.

Check out this video that my brother’s wife put together of some time that we and our five and they and their five were able to vacation together in early August. Sweet stuff.



For now, we will have to wait and see when Jason and Jen Plus Ten will air. Seriously, your prayers more than your criticism would be appreciated. And more than anything, any wisdom you wanna share with us as to how to love these five more deeply and to shepherd their hearts with grace.

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